12 September 2014


Poor Jack got bitten by an Adder on Monday. I had no idea until he staggered out of his bed looking like a jowly old Labrador who had swallowed a tennis ball. I rushed him to the vets' twenty miles away and he was put on a drip with anti-venom and fluids. I brought him home later that afternoon and he slept until the next morning.

By morning he was much better. Still puffy but better and after another visit to the vets' for a check up, the bill totaled nearly £500. That's a very expensive snake bite. Thank goodness he's okay and today there was no swelling at all and he is back to his ridiculously bouncy self. Phew. 

And so to the holiday birds. Few words required.......Herring Gulls:




This one makes me laugh every time I look at it:

I can't tell you how grateful I am for all your comments on the last post. I felt so much better for reading them. Since writing it, we have had a call from Great Ormond Street offering us a full assessment for Aspergers, or whatever we are supposed to be calling it now, for OB this coming Monday. This is something for which there is a TWO YEAR waiting list in Devon and then these assessments might be spread over months before eventually getting an official diagnosis. They are offering to do the whole thing in a day, dedicating a number of members of their team to the task. It's like a different world up there and we are forever in their debt. OB has reverted to Origami with the start of the new term so his blog name becomes relevant again. He is teaching me to solve the Rubik's cube which is a slow business but I'm getting there. With the increased dexterity that comes with age, he is making more complex pieces. So far there have been ten of these hedgehogs which he will be giving to the staff at GOSH. I don't know how he does it - it's only about 2 inches long.

Right - time to get on. Think of us on Monday and have a great weekend, whatever you are doing. So until next time, here are a sandy Snippet, Snakebite Jack on a rock and OB throwing one. 

7 September 2014


I've just changed the title of this post as my absence has been so protracted now that I feel it needs some titled attention. Since we got back from Cornwall, I seem to be finding less and less time for anything personal I guess, which the blog is. I realise how much my sanity depends on it and the contact with all of you away from what can be an isolating situation. I've been struggling a bit with OB. He is the most loving and enchanting child who I love more than I ever thought possible, but his obsessions and need to tell me every tiny detail about them and every other thing he is doing, every waking moment, can be a little challenging after the length of the summer holidays. His later bedtime means that that extra time is also filled with this and I find, by the time I've said goodnight and done everything I have to, I may have an hour at most to do something for me. This time has often been taken up with discussion with M about STUFF, so I fall into bed, read for five minutes before falling asleep, often with my specs on and the book on my chin. I feel terribly guilty grumbling. Poor OB's tics have been absolutely awful all summer and, whilst I can grit my teeth as he shouts "F**k you!" at me or screaches every few seconds, he, poor love, feels it necessary to apologise for something beyond his control. The motor tics have been terrible for him too; head wagging and a kind of full body convulsion that must drive him to distraction. He copes SO well and it's just awful being powerless to do anything to help him other than not reacting. As the title suggests, I am obviously at the end of my tether and everything will seem so much better after OB has a day at school tomorrow and I have a few hours to myself after I've spent the morning sorting my mum out. Right - I feel even more guilty for getting this off my chest so I'll STOP.

Our lovely week in Cornwall was followed by inevitable catching up and planning for another trip to Great Ormond Street the Friday before last. I think we'd better get used to that as we'll be there at least another couple of times in the near future. However, I'll talk about that another time. I've trying to write this post for two weeks now so.......Cornwall. It already seems a distant memory. We stayed in a tiny cottage in Kingsand (above). Kingsand and Cawsand are twin villages on the Rame Peninsula just over the river Tamar from Plymouth. Until boundary changes in 1844, Kingsand was in Devon but since then has been part of Cornwall like Cawsand (below).

I forgot to take my own picture of the marker on a house which shows where the boundary was so I've had to pilfer one from the internet:

Many of the streets are too narrow to get cars down (phone pics so apologies for (lack of) quality):

Both villages have their own gravelly beaches. Cawsand's didn't allow dogs:

Unfortunately, we didn't see the signs the first evening and nobody said anything. Jack is a very enthusiastic sea swimmer: 

Kingsand beach is fine for dogs all year round: 

Our mornings and evenings were often spent walking the dogs here.

Looking back along to the two villages:

The evening sun catching the Devon coast running along the Plymouth Sound into the river Tamar. The building on the right is Fort Picklecombe, commissioned by Lord Palmerston in the mid 19th century to protect the Devonport Naval Base at Plymouth. Since the 1970's it has been an apartment block with fantastic views I imagine. 

A bit later that evening, this amazing rain-smudge appeared in the sky over the Sound:

OB swam every day:

As did Jack:

We had amazing weather some days and only one rain shower the whole week:

This one in the distance never made it to us:

Three mornings we were there, we went along the coast a bit to Portwrinkle beach where I took some great pictures of sea birds to be published next time.....

The rock formations here were amazing too. I think they come under post and sea-life....

Some more evening shots of the sea off Kingsand:

A view through foliage on one of my morning walks with the dogs:

This gate belongs to a house in Cawsand framing the beautiful view:

On the Thursday, we decided to get the ferry from Cremyll over to Plymouth to visit the grade 1 and 2 listed Royal William Yard, which has been done up within an inch of its life, with shops, offices and apartments. We approached Plymouth past this marina:

Royal William Yard was a victualling yard built between 1826 and 1835 to provide food and other stores to the Royal Navy and named after King William IV:

We had some lunch, walked around a bit, took some pictures...............

...........then got the ferry back to Cornwall, looking back at the buildings in all their glory. Rather Venetian looking....

I took these two pictures on my phone as we came home to Devon on yet another ferry from Torpoint into Plymouth. These ones worked on a system of chains that pulled them across which OB found fascinating.

Sea birds next time and I promise not to whinge and that it will be reasonably soon, if not before the end of the week. So, until next time, here are the dogs on one of our MANY walks; there was no garden....something we hadn't really thought about with regards to dogs and their lavatorial needs. I think this picture is very reminiscent of the old Start Rite shoes advert, don't you?